CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe

Schütte now sells SCX, its new multi-spindle automatic lathe.

Jackson, MI — Schütte now sells SCX, its new multi-spindle automatic lathe.

In today’s industrial production, more complex workpieces are being produced in smaller batch sizes and shorter life cycles. To remain competitive, manufacturers have to react quickly and flexibly to market requirements.

These conditions have been met with the creation of Schütte’s multi-spindle automatic lathes.  Everything that is not directly related to the production of workpieces has been eliminated from the machining area. There are no drives, cables, slides, lubrication lines or cooling lines within the tooling area.  The clean and freely accessible machining area provides clients with the greatest possible configuration flexibility and the simplest retooling and tool retrofitting.

The SCX from Schütte offers several benefits. Some of these are free speed selection and free falling chips. Furthermore, extended machining options are available on the second workpiece side through exact transfer and three additional spindles. Expansion of the machining range is achieved through extended rear-side machining including C-and Y-axis. Lastly, multi-spindle production provides clients with a wide variety of workpiece geometries. 

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