PC Multi-Spindle Automatics

Schütte now sells its PC, their new multi-spindle automatics.

Jackson, MI — Schütte now sells its PC, their new multi-spindle automatics.

Often, manufacturers need automatics that have greater capabilities. These include the machining of non-ferrous metal or steel, a combination of heavy roughing and accuracy, simple programming combined with versatility and a single machine that performs several production processes. The answer to these challenges is Schütte’s PC series.

Automatics in the PC series are machining centers. They are used whenever classic cam-controlled automatics reach their limit. Besides turning, PC multi-spindle automatics perform tapping, mill cutting, polygon cutting and eccentric drilling operations. Six or eight work spindles, endworking and cross slides can be controlled independently of each other. Rear-side machining can have up to three tools. Over 56 CNC axes can be easily programmed with Schütte’s SICS 2000 system.

PC multi-spindle automatics are designed for material removal of geometrically sophisticated parts made of hard solid materials. The machines are designed to be robust, durable and technically flexible for complex drilling operations. Furthermore, they provide ready-to-install precision parts in large and small batch sizes. Machines in the PC series feature short setup, non-production and part production times.

These machines are used by automobile manufacturers and suppliers, the fittings, pneumatics and hydraulics sector, as well as in the production of precision parts. 

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