Parker Launches Solution That Allows For Condition Monitoring Without Interrupting Production

SCOUT Cloud Software and SensoNODE Gold Sensors Let Users Access Machine Conditions from Anywhere with an Internet Connection.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Parker Hannifin, a producer of connected motion and control technologies, launched a remote condition monitoring solution that ensures no matter your location, you’re never too far from vital asset information. SCOUT Cloud Software and SensoNODE Gold Sensors allow users to access machine condition data via browser to identify operational and performance improvements.

As industries discover the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) in day-to-day business, Parker works to develop and bring to market innovative solutions that bridge the gap between modern technology and traditional manufacturing. Parker’s new cloud-based, continuous monitoring solution does this by cutting through the chaos of traditional asset monitoring and giving users centralized access to asset information, whether they are on-site or miles away.

Remote continuous monitoring allows plant staff to:

  • Access asset data from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Monitor and address the long-term and immediate health of machines and processes
  • Monitor machines without interrupting production or creating potentially dangerous situations
  • Receive alert notifications of issues by email, text and in-system messaging
  • Export data for analysis and reporting
  • Multiple personnel can monitor data simultaneously

Continuous monitoring means that the system is always ‘watching’ for issues and alerts users when problems arise, says David Shannon, business unit manager with Parker QCD. This lets workers “manage by exception,” and focus on the assets and/or processes that need their attention without spending unnecessary man-hours manually inspecting and collecting data on assets/processes that are operating correctly, he says.

“With SCOUT Cloud Software and SensoNODE Gold Sensors, users are no longer beholden to their location; the days of walking the plant floor and checking each machine are over,” Shannon says. “This is great news for maintenance technicians, who can monitor all of their assets quickly and easily without leaving their desk or traveling to other locations. That helps technicians save time and address issues with machines more quickly.”

“For plant managers, this solution lets them observe asset conditions and make the decisions that optimize productivity, reduce downtime and save on maintenance costs,” he adds.

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