Security Breach: Cybersecurity's Greatest Weapon - Awareness

The sector's (forced) cyber awakening needs to focus on making it harder to be a hacker.

Regardless of how complex the attack, how organized the hacker, or how advanced the tools and tactics, security solutions usually lie in very fundamental practices. So, while you might think you already know enough about segmentation strategies, framework development, asset visibility or enhanced access controls, it’s these things that get overlooked and then exploited by hackers. 

It’s the evolution of these little things that our guest for today’s show likes to emphasize in helping to keep the OT environment secure. Watch/listen as Brian Deken, Commercial Manager of Cybersecurity Services at Rockwell Automation offers perspective on topics that include:

  • How increased coverage and awareness of industrial cybersecurity has helped improve OT visibility, and incited more manufacturers to take real action.
  • Why constantly evolving simple cyber strategies, like frameworks, segmentation and access hygiene are essential.
  • What video gamers can teach us about finding OT security expertise.
  • The status of IT-OT convergence.
  • The attack from which some manufacturers will never recover.
  • The positive impacts of supply chain vulnerabilities.

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