Security Breach: SBOMs, AI and the Crown Jewels

How prioritizing the wrong data and assets is leading to more cyber risk.

When it comes to OT security, the cruel reality is that the bad guys are doing what most predators do over time – they continue to hunt and evolve. This evolution allows hackers to constantly adjust to new security protocols and more rapidly react to common vulnerabilities – often days, weeks or months before a suitable patch or solution can be put in place. 

It’s the black hat’s constant drive to enhance their attacks that led us to this episode's discussion and guest. I recently sat down with Rick Kaun, VP of Solutions at Verve Industrial Protection. Verve is a leading provider of endpoint security, vulnerability testing and network segmentation strategies.

Join us as Rick discusses:

  • What 'done' looks like.
  • Why nobody wants to be a CISO right now.
  • The opportunities represented by former military personnel coming into cybersecurity.
  • Why there's too much attention around SBOMs ... right now.
  • The best ways to use AI.
  • How identifying the "crown jewels" is the most important step to protecting them, and why this is consistently overlooked.

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