Security Breach: Driving OT Vision to Avoid an 'Internal Collection of Hackers'

Why hackers are "like water" and what OT needs to learn from IT.

With hackers repeatedly demonstrating that that they play no favorites in terms of the sector of manufacturing, its location, or the size of the enterprise, detection and response strategies can be universally dissected in addressing ransomware, phishing or any number of social engineering approaches. 

And this data, along with the potential solutions it fuels, can be made available to the industry as a whole – not just the largest or most well-known entities. Universal problems typically generate the most response. And what I’m seeing is a much more aggressive response from big players throughout the industry – including the employer of today’s guest, Alexandre Peixoto, Cybersecurity Business Director at Emerson Automation Solutions.

Listen/watch as we discuss:

  • Why recent cybersecurity developments are less about how the hackers have changed and much more about attack surface evolution.
  • How, why and when to bring IT into the cybersecurity conversation.
  • How OT can learn from IT in developing a vision for ongoing cybersecurity needs.
  • The importance of going through the cybersecurity journey, similar to digital transformation, in order to really understand needs and priorities.
  • Why OT cybersecurity often forgets about the basics.
  • How "hackers are like water."
  • Tackling the legacy dynamics of SBOMs.
  • The future role of over-the-air (OTA) software updates, and how they could impact security priorities.

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