New Light Curtain Optimal for Hand Detection

The heavy-duty safety light curtain is quick and easy to install.

Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering (Minneapolis, MN) introduced the S4B, a heavy-duty safety light curtain that is quick and easy to install.

A Type 4 light curtain, the S4B delivers durable, dependable sensing for a range of applications and is easy to install, operate and troubleshoot.


  • 30 mm resolution for optimal hand detection
  • End-to-end sensing in lengths from 300 mm to 1800 mm
  • 12-meter range
  • Weak beam strength warning LED
  • Remote signal for local alerts
  • Plug-and-play pigtail with 5-pin M12 connection

The S4B helps operators minimize downtime by helping operators address problems before they become serious issues.

Installation is simple using the adjustable bracket. The light curtains click into place, are rotated into alignment, then locked in place with bracket fasteners. Tricolor LED alignment zone indicators instantly show if the curtains are properly or nearly aligned.

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