MEGAComfort Showcases Tech Behind Energysole at CES

Mnet 202718 Energysole 2

MEGAComfort is showcasing the technology behind Energysole at CES this year, with the official launch of the product to come in Spring of 2019.


  • Sensors to track, measure and analyze activity up to 50 times per second. A full 3D picture of the user’s foot is transmitted to an app in real-time
  • Highly accurate data directly from the soles of users’ feet, such as movement scores, foot strike analysis, calories burned and more
  • Education for users on how to improve the way they move and live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle
  • A long-life battery that provides at least three months of continual wear with no daily charging
  • Monitors surface and activity types; walking, climbing vs. concrete, wooden floors, etc.
Mnet 202715 Energysole
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