Evaclean Pledges to Help Establish Safer Electrostatic Disinfection Standards

Two men from different backgrounds, one a green technologist and new father, the other a serial entrepreneur and renowned safety advocate, shared a vision of less toxic disinfection practices.

Two men from different backgrounds, one a green technologist and new father, the other a serial entrepreneur and renowned safety advocate, shared a vision of less toxic disinfection practices. Both believed current cleaning methods were no longer acceptable, often causing more harm than good, and felt compelled to find a healthier solution. Together, Jeremiah Gray and RJ Valentine founded EarthSafe and worked with a team of infection prevention specialists to develop a safer, more efficient and efficacious system for eliminating dangerous pathogens and preventing outbreaks. Efforts were rewarded with the introduction of EvaClean— A touchless electrostatic disinfecting and sanitizing system built around one standardized process and a safer chemistry. For Jeremiah, the incentive for getting it right was even more critical given that his son’s daycare was among the first facilities to use the Evaclean program. There isn’t more powerful proof of concept than protecting your own children from illnesses and toxin exposure with the system you developed.

“This is a problem that touches us all – friends, family, coworkers, ourselves,” said Jeremiah, the company’s COO.  “The quest for a better solution to protect public health isn’t only professional, it’s personal.”

Electrostatic technologies have become transformative to the disinfection industry with 360° surface coverage, faster application, improved efficiency, labor savings, and even reduced chemical usage.  However, due to lack of sprayer standards, concerns have arisen.  The proliferation of electrostatic spraying equipment to end users, chemical manufacturers, distributors, and other outlets isn’t monitored by set guidelines, thus leaving a wide margin for errors.  Without standards, it’s very possible to mistakenly mix multiple chemicals in sprayer units, resulting in potentially hazardous consequences. 

Jeremiah explains, “EvaClean’s overarching mission is to stop worst case scenarios before they occur.  We’d rather be the vaccine than the antibiotic.” 

In addition to helping prevent outbreaks with a safer hospital grade disinfectant, the company pledges to help define recommended guidelines for electrostatic sprayers. EvaClean also intends to participate in third party HOCl studies and peer-reviewed papers to validate its C-Diff compliant efficacy and environmental safety attributes.  Gray believes in full transparency and is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure the implementation of healthier sanitization and disinfection methods.

Proprietary sanitization and disinfection processes are key differentiators of the EvaClean system, which have been standardized around a single, safer HOCl-based chemical. The program is a series of checks and balances, which include training, procedures, support, and a unique labeling system for fool-proof chemical application.  Even its white electrostatic sprayer is designed to delineate usage for the EvaClean disinfectant versus sprayers used for other chemicals.

“Compliant processes are everything,” said Jeremiah.  “It amazes me that the janitorial staff who perform such a critical function are typically some of the most undervalued.  We provide processes that make their jobs easier and more effective, not to mention healthier.”

Daycare children, K-12 to university students, bus drivers/riders, medical facility patients, nursing home seniors, gym members, restaurants, food preparers and other constituents aren’t the only ones who benefit from healthier disinfection protocols.  EvaClean recognizes that building service contractors, custodial companies and cleaning crews are subject to the same risks as everyone else.  EvaClean has made the enormous task of keeping facilities clean and protecting those within much safer and more effective, while also environmentally sustainable—a disinfection trifecta.

Jeremiah stated, “The cleaning industry is changing.  In our new technological era, we can all do a better job of protecting the health of those that depend on us to keep them safe.”

This is a goal the entire cleaning industry would agree on.

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