OEO Super Hybrid 20klm

Benefits include 50-75% savings in energy costs.

Oeo Sized

Upgrade high bay fixtures by choosing LED. OEO (Lake Zurich, IL) introduces the newest technology in network lighting controls and offers one product with two options. Users simply plug and play the OEO EZ LED SUPER HYBRID for the fastest upgrade. With no re-wiring, it’s as simple as changing a light bulb. Alternatively, users can bypass the ballast in their existing high bay fixtures, wiring direct 110-277v to eliminate ballast maintenance forever and save even more consumption.

Benefits include:

  • Network lighting controls: Full lighting control, providing such features as scheduling, dimming, motion sensing, daylight harvesting, high end trim, zone controls and more – all from an app on your smart device.
  • 50-75% savings in energy costs.
  • Ultimate versatility: Available in a fixture configuration, or install as a bulb with EZ Base.
  • High performance: patented optics reduce glare and offer 2-5x more light on target than competitor products

www.oeo.com, 800-553-2112

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