Dürr and HSM Debut Low-Pressure Spray Gun

New low-pressure spray gun for color changes in just a few seconds without the need for solvents.

Durr Sized

A new low-pressure spray gun makes color changes much faster and easier. Dürr (Southfield, MI) and HSM Lackiersysteme partnered to develop a new technology: a rapid-change system for the color channel, the spray gun is ready to use again within seconds after changing colors without solvents.

Like all Dürr low-pressure spray guns, the latest model, the EcoGun ACE, has a robust design well suited for industrial use. It provides a demonstrably exceptional spray pattern with excellent application efficiency and simplifies color changing with quick exchange injector nozzles. A particularly robust and spill-proof cup system from HSM Lackiersysteme enhances the new product. The cup system incorporates both a safety lock and a soiling guard, to ensure good legibility of the measuring scales at all times. The highlight of the new spray gun is an innovative, rapid-change system for the color channel, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


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