Priority Tire Enters a New Market with EV Tires

The move takes place in light of shifting market demands.

Industrial Media Staff
EV tire example.
EV tire example.

Priority Tire has launched a new product category on their website called "EV Tires." The company prompted opened this new section enhance efficiency and allow consumers to find suitable electric vehicle tires easily.

In response to the increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions in the car industry, manufacturers have started improving their electric vehicle models. With that, the expectations for specifically designed tires that meet the needs of electric cars appeared. The "EV Tires" category on Priority Tire is the company's dynamic response to the changing requirements of consumer needs. The category contains a wide range of EV-specific tires that provide energy efficiency, longer range and reduced road noise.

  • Energy Efficiency: The tires are designed to decrease rolling resistance, which extends the electric vehicle's driving range.
  • Durability: Electric cars are heavier and need tires that can handle the extra weight placed on them, enhancing their longevity.
  • Noise Reduction: Optimized tread patterns with variable pitch designs and other noise-reducing technologies eliminate road noise.

Progressing to include the "EV Tires" allowed Priority Tire to be one step closer to promoting various sustainable practices in the tire industry. The dedicated category for EV-specific tires aims to advocate for a smooth transition to a greener environment and cleaner transportation options.

Priority Tire created a comprehensive buying guide for EV tires. The company believes that the right tires make a significant difference in the vehicle's performance, driving safety and even environmental impact and they strive to help customers choose the right tires for their EVs.

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