IEN Unboxed: Interpower's Sealing Kits Protect Critical Equipment

These parts can work for up to 20 years without any issues.

On this episode of Unboxed, we are opening a pair of sealing kits from Interpower. The Face and Plug Seal Kits for IEC 60320 C14 Inlets have an IP54 Rating, which prevents corrosive dust and solid particles from reaching the terminals while preventing liquids from short-circuiting them.

The Plug Seal Kit for the Quick Disconnect, part #83050020, has a front seal made of specialized PVC with a lower durometer rating for flexibility that inserts through the front of the inlet to protect the terminals. The kit is used in any place with dust or water, such as food and medical settings or washdown applications.

The kit is used exclusively with Interpower's IEC C13 connector, and the company says the parts can work for up to 20 years without any issues. It has a tool-less, plug-and-play design to add UL-tested protection in the form of a robust, hard-to-cut strap. The most critical piece is the function of the plug seal, which comes up and over the inlet.

The Face Seal C14 Screw-mount Quick Disconnect Kit, part #83050000, includes a made-to-fit, moisture-resistant polyurethane insert that seals between the base of the C14 inlet and the face of the C13 connector, which is held in place after tightening down the connector lock. It helps seal up the connection while the plug is in it, and it can be connected to live power for applications for which you don't want to unplug the machine. For example, that is pretty important in medical applications.

This kit doesn't come with the mounting hardware, but that's because everyone is using something different.

Interpower is known for its one-week lead time, and all parts are made in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

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