Six-Sided Communication Kiosk

Creform Sized

Creform (Greer, SC) was recently challenged by a commercial cleaning products company to create a display board in a hexagonal pattern. Working closely with the customer, during the design phase, Creform developed a successful and purpose-built solution. Specifically:

  • The Creform kiosk, with dimensions of 51" W x 44" L x 72" T is a communications center useful for sharing information such as business metrics, kaizen events, housekeeping instructions, drawings/illustrations, as well as HR postings and ISO procedures. 
  • It is ideal for daily or weekly schedules, work assignments, production goals, special announcements, safety tips, rules and up-to-the-minute news and data. 
  • The Creform system of pipe and joints structure holds six standard sized 2'x 4' single sided 1/8" thick white dry erase magnetic boards. The boards are connected with a unique Creform plastic clip.
  • Besides the white boards, this station could feature alternative surfaces such as metal sheets, cork panels, plastic panels, polycarbonate or acrylic depending on the user’s requirements.
  • The kiosk is supported by six swivel casters for mobility, three that lock to hold in position. It is lightweight and easily moved by lifting and wheeling the structure to its new location. If a dedicated or assigned location is required, an all-feet configuration is an option.

The six-sided kiosk is useful in all types of industrial and educational facilities and is well suited for assembly, manufacturing, distribution operations and training events., 800-839-8823 

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