Gamification and Simulation Used to Train Next Generation of Manufacturing Workers

The launch of the Simutech Training System addresses the skills gap by incorporating video game technologies for workforce development.

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Ottawa, Canada — Simutech Multimedia, a supplier of training simulation software to the manufacturing industry, introduces the new Simutech Training System.

The Simutech Training System teaches critical troubleshooting skills to those responsible for operating and maintaining industrial control systems by incorporating cutting-edge gamification theories. These simulation techniques employed in the new Simutech Training System have been shown to be an effective training method and increase retention rates in learners.

"Our goal is to continually improve the effectiveness of the Simutech Training System. With this release, we have laid the foundation for a more flexible system that will allow for feature improvements to enhance the user engagement and effectiveness of the learning," says Warren Rhude, CPO of Simutech Multimedia. "With the new Simutech Training System, learning will be better and a lot more fun." 

By guiding users through a six-step systematic approach to troubleshooting circuits, the Simutech Training System helps participants develop effective techniques to safely navigate industrial electrical control, motor and programmable logic controller (PLC) circuits.

The Simutech Training System allows users to personalize their training progress and see how they stack up against their peers. Managers also can continuously monitor their staff’s skills development to safely, accurately and effectively troubleshoot.

The new Simutech Training System provides users easier access to the product. All six modules can now be installed by a single click, and any future product updates will automatically download. Additionally, the end user will be able to manage his or her training in one place no matter where the training takes place, whether at work or home.

“This sets the stage for Simutech Multimedia to be an industry leader by using gamification techniques to develop the next generation of manufacturing workers,” says Samer Forzley, CEO of Simutech Multimedia. “With more Gen Z and Millennials entering the manufacturing workforce, Simutech feels gamification is an effective way to train generations who have grown up with video and computer games.” 

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