Ultra Precise Shaft Torque Transducers

They offer extreme measurement accuracy with fast installed response.

S Himmelstein Abm

Series MCRT 48800V and 49800V Series Digital Torque Transducers from S. Himmelstein (Hoffman Estates, IL) offer extreme measurement accuracy with fast installed response, and high mechanical overloads and electrical overrange. Specifically:

  • Output signals for torque, speed and horsepower are provided as analog (±5 or ±10 Vdc) and digital over RS232 serial port. Available capacities are from 2.8 to 42,000 Nm.

  • They are available in two accuracy grades: ±0.04% and ±0.02% of full scale combined non-linearity and hysteresis, and have world class temperature performance.

  • Mechanical overloads of 200% or 400% offer a safety margin in the presence of high startup torques or large torsional oscillations such as produced by Diesel engines.

  • Electrical overrange of 150% avoids clipping of real world torque peaks and driveline torsionals reducing potential for errors in the average torque measurement.

  • Included interface software allows fast PC setup and re-configuration while selecting from up to 33 units of measure, all without re-calibrating.

www.himmelstein.com; 800-632-7873
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