Compact, High Pressure Coolant Systems

Lns Sized

New LNS (Cincinnati, OH) Chipblaster S-Series Coolant Systems improve CNC machine performance, take up less floor space and are easy to install and maintain.

The S-Series is available in fixed or variable rate (flow and pressure) models. The variable rate units have tool interfaces that provide independent control of 1, 4 or 8 coolant options, depending on the number of installed coolant-enabled tools. Fixed flow units have one coolant outlet. Additionally:

  • A dual cartridge filtration system that filters to 10 or 5 microns, is standard on fixed flow model S-30 and variable flow models SBV-70 and SBV-140.
  • Changing filters is quick and easy while the unit continues to operate without interrupting production.
  • The S-30H fixed flow model has a maintenance free cyclone filter that requires no media change and filters coolant to 2 microns.
  • Variable flow models have a user-friendly HMI that allows easy adjustment of preset pressure values, changes to settings, and monitoring of various operations.
  • Multi-directional casters enable easy installation and maintenance., 513-528-5674

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