Hydraulic Dampers

Ace Controls Cover

According to ACE Controls Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI), the hydraulic dampers of the MOD family can be used as a single or double acting brake. Its wear-resistant surface coating provides a long-lasting, high-quality appearance. The heat-treated rod delivers exceptional performance and life expectancy. Additionally:

  • The maintenance-free, ready-to-install and closed systems provide a constant feed rate.
  • Thanks to many add-on components the assembly is easy to mount.
  • The damper can be mounted vertically for damping items such as doors, hatches and large masses.
  • Additional features include a coated steel outer body, steel piston rod with wear-resistant coating, compression, an extension force of 14lbs to 2,252lbs and a wide operating temperature range of -22⁰F to 176⁰F.


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