OKW’s MINI-DATA-BOX Flanged IIoT/Sensor Enclosures Available in New Color

These enclosures are available with (or without) flanges for rapid installation using either cable ties or screws.

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OKW’s flanged MINI-DATA-BOX plastic enclosures are now available in a new two- color option as standard: the base is traffic gray A (RAL 7042); the top is traffic white (RAL 9016).

MINI-DATA-BOX is a small, ‘go-anywhere’ housing that is ideal for a wide range of miniaturized electronics. Applications include IoT/IIoT, automation, security, environmental technology, measurement and control, smart logistics, peripherals, interfaces and ICT.

These smart, modern enclosures are available with (or without) flanges for rapid installation using either cable ties or screws – making them perfect for installing networks of sensors in smart factories.

MINI-DATA-BOX is available in two shapes: S (square) and E (edge/rectangular). Both feature elegant ‘diamond cut’ bevelling on the top, reducing weight. Ergonomic contoured corners further enhance the aesthetics, and there are flat surfaces for connectors.

These robust enclosures feature an all-round tongue and groove joint and an IP 65 seal (accessory). Stainless steel Torx assembly screws deter tampering. Inside, there are fixing supports for PCBs and components in both the top and bottom. Alternatively, potting of electronic assemblies is possible.

MINI-DATA-BOX is molded from ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) for superior strength and UV stability. There are four plan sizes from 1.57” x 1.57” to 2.76” x 1.97”, and two heights: 0.59” and 0.79”.

The enclosures are available in traffic white (RAL 9016) and anthracite gray (RAL 7016) as standard. Only the flanged version is offered as standard in the new traffic gray A/traffic white color combination as well.

OKW can supply MINI-DATA-BOX fully customized, ready for installation of components. Customization services include machining, lacquering, printing, laser marking, RFI/EMI shielding and assembly of accessories.

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