Transparent Soft-Touch Lacquer Offers Range Of Color Options

The new lacquer is ideal for a wide range of OKW enclosures and potentiometer knobs.

Okwusa 2023 08 Hr

OKW has launched a new transparent soft-touch lacquer – enabling designers to specify a ‘velvet’ finish for its plastic enclosures and tuning knobs in any color.

The new lacquer is ideal for a wide range of OKW enclosures and potentiometer knobs, notably those used for handheld and wearable electronics.

OKW’s soft-touch lacquer was originally available only in a black finish that can be applied directly to the primer. But the new transparent lacquer allows any color beneath it to shine through – offering electronics designers a huge choice of options.

Designers can specify OKW enclosures and tuning knobs in any custom color based on RAL code, Pantone shade or by matching a sample supplied by the customer.

OKW uses high-quality UV-resistant two-component lacquers to customize its products. These lacquers offer varying degrees of lustre from matt to glossy. Matt lacquers prevent undesirable light reflections, making discreet enclosure designs appear even more understated. Glossy lacquers add a smart, modern look.

Other lacquering options include metallic finishes, an antibacterial lacquer (which stops bacteria from settling and multiplying) and a black ESD conductive lacquer that prevents electrostatic discharges.

Other customization services available from OKW include machining, printing, laser marking, decor foils, special materials, RFI/EMI shielding, and assembly of accessories.

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