Membrane Dryer for Ultra-Clean Compressed Air

Mazeppa, MN - LA-MAN Corporation offers the AMD-035 SuperStar Membrane Dryer that provides ultra-clean and ultra-dry compressed air specifically designed with the automotive industry in mind. This unique membrane dryer can be used where refrigerated dryers may be too large or electricity is not available or desirable.

The innovative AMD-035 Membrane Dryer lowers the dew point by continuously removing water vapor and venting into the surrounding atmosphere. With dew point temperatures reduced 20 Degrees Fahrenheit or more, the AMD 035 SuperStar Membrane Dryer is an ideal solution for spray booth applications.

A critical standard feature of the AMD -035 SuperStar Membrane Dryer includes the pre-filtration system that incorporates a high efficiency coalescing filter into the process.  With these properties the AMD -035 SuperStar Membrane is assured of contaminant and particle free air, allowing for optimal performance.  The standard automatic float drain will allow for the discharge of moisture from the Extractor/Dryer while preventing any system air loss. Maintenance on the equipment is easily accomplished with the installation of the appropriate service kit and without removing the unit from the air system. 

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