Shark Plastic Tack Welder

Rockford, MN -- Shark Industries Ltd. Introduces their 2 position (90 degree or straight) Plastic Pro-Tack Welder to their welding equipment line up.

This Pro-Tack Plastic Welder rapidly sinks steel staples into the plastic to reinforce any breaks or tears, and can be used in a myriad of repairs.  Everything from plastic trash cans to wheel barrels to any plastic car part (bumpers), motorcycles, snow mobiles, office chairs and truck parts; it can even repair simple tabs on car or truck parts thereby eliminating the purchase of a brand new part.  It pulls 65 Amps and only puts out 5 amps.  It has 7 different style staples with 4 different heat setting for these styles. 

It is patented, offering 2 ironing tools that come with the stapler in a box along with 20 of 4 styles of the most popular staples.  The iron allows you to smooth the plastic after you have stapled the damage.   It can do inside and outside corners as well. 

The stapler offers “core-cut” staples that will just bend off rather than have to be snipped off; which means less risk of eye damage to the operator.  It is a major time savings over plastic welders that use welding rods; offering a metal reinforcement to the break.  This welder will save you thousands of dollars in parts or products in the first month and only costs $399.00.  It is a 110 volt for easy use anywhere.

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