Maintenance Worker Finds $434K Of Cocaine In Airplane Nose Gear

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The workday was anything but ordinary for an airline maintenance employee who discovered more than 30 pounds of cocaine earlier this week.

According to Reuters, 31 pounds of cocaine was found in the nose cone of an American Airlines jet on Monday. The Boeing 757 flew from Bogota, Colombia to Miami International Airport, there it was flagged for maintenance. CNN reports that workers in Miami were too busy to the plane was diverted to Tulsa International Airport for the repairs.

That’s where a technician moved the insulation, saw the drugs and promptly called police.

Authorities say the bricks of were covered in wheel grease, possibly to ward off drug dogs.

In total, seven bricks — 31 pounds — of cocaine was removed from the plane. The Associated Press reports the drugs is worth around $434,000.

The case is currently being investigated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Maimi.

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