Fisker to Open China Delivery Center in 2023

The company expects to start deliveries of the Fisker Ocean SUV in the first quarter of 2024.

Fisker China Image

Fisker today announced its plans to open a delivery center in China in 2023 and commence deliveries of the Fisker Ocean SUV in Q1 2024.

“After beginning deliveries in Europe and with first vehicles coming to our US customers on June 23, we are excited to move into the Chinese market later this year,” Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said. “We expect China to be an important growth market for EVs in the future and believe our vehicles will be very appealing. That is why we established an office there and intend to open a delivery center this year. I believe we can get production up and running in China as early as next year, potentially adding capacity of 75,000 Fisker Oceans annually.”

At Fisker’s annual shareholder meeting, held June 6, China board member Daniel Foa outlined the company’s advantages in the country.

“Firstly, China represents a third of global vehicles sales, which is roughly 26 million cars in 2022, of which electric vehicles represent 6-7 million, around a 25% share,” he said. “In 2023 year-to-date, that has grown to around 27%. Secondly, the premium and affordable luxury segment is growing faster than general segments. Fisker fits right in that segment with its unique history, features, and design.”

“China has always had a high acceptance of high-quality traditional international automotive brands,” Foa added. “There has been a rapid shift to electrification both from government policies and consumer behavior. Fisker is one of only two EV only international companies which are viable alternatives to traditional brands. This will enable us to be on the short list for consumer purchase decisions but with a more feature-rich product. As a new international EV brand, this presents a vast opportunity for Fisker in China.”

Fisker’s leadership team recently visited China and met with officials and business leaders in Shanghai to discuss collaborations and opportunities in the region. The conversations focused on automotive supply chains, logistics, warehousing, and future production development.

With a 113 kWh battery pack (106 kWh usable) the $68,999 Fisker Ocean Extreme has an EPA-estimated range of 360 miles1 on standard 20” wheels and tires; in Europe the Fisker Ocean Extreme has a WLTP range of 707km/440 UK miles2 on standard 20” wheels and tires, which is the longest range of any electric SUV sold in Europe today. The all-electric SUV starts at $37,499 for the Fisker Ocean Sport trim level.

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