EOS Linx Increases EV Chargers by 2600% in Second Year

EOS Linx installed charging sites at strategic locations in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas.

EOS Linx

EOS Linx, an owner and operator of a growing national, solar-supported electric vehicle (EV) charging network, significantly increased its footprint in only its second year of operation, marking 2600% growth in 2022.

EOS Linx installed charging sites at strategic locations in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas. The company's growth in 2022 is expected to continue into next year with roughly 4,000 sockets estimated to be fully operational across six states, as expansion reaches Arizona and Florida by the end of 2023.

"With EV adoption still in the early stages, many drivers worry about how far they can travel before they need to plug in again. The partnerships we forged this year will significantly accelerate our ability to help solve that challenge," said Blake Snider, CEO of EOS Linx. "Our mission is to make the journey smoother for EV drivers and we're eager to build on our recent success and provide more solutions in 2023 through increased collaboration to meet the demand of this explosive market."

EOS Linx significantly advanced its mission of supporting community-wide electrification programs in 2022 by selecting NeoVolta as its battery supplier. NeoVolta's customized energy storage systems will be integrated at stations deployed and activated in 2023. The partnership was reinforced by the appointment of Brent Willson, CEO and founder of NeoVolta, to EOS Linx's Board of Directors. Willson has two decades of executive management experience during his time serving in the Marines, and brings a skill set that includes expert risk assessment, supply chain, and logistics insight — all of which will assist EOS Linx in its goal of creating a more sustainable planet.

EOS Linx has several plans in the works that will improve the EV driving experience in 2023,  including the launch of a mobile application that allows drivers to easily search and view charge stations, as well as offer flexible payment options. EOS Linx also plans to launch an additional product suite that will provide more options for sites to customize EV chargers based on individual locations and unique charging needs.

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