NCAA Court Problems, Meat 'Temp Abuse,' Key Bridge Collapse | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 164

Also on the podcast, child labor at Tuff Torq, Canoo CEO's jet expenses, "coldscreen" prevents frostbite, high-tech machine mimics every pitcher and plastic bike made of recycled waste.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

EV Startup Spends More Than It Makes on CEO's Jet - @4:02

Canoo is struggling to survive, but one cost in particular stood out to TechCrunch in Canoo’s latest earnings report.

Manufacturer to Turn Over Profits After Children Found Operating Machinery - @14:33

Tuff Torq makes hydraulic, mechanical, electric and hybrid drivetrain products for leading outdoor power equipment manufacturers, like John Deere, Toro and Yamaha, but the company is in the hot seat after it illegally employed children.

NCAA Basketball Court Supplier Shorts 3-Point Line By 9 Inches - @24:18

On Monday, the NCAA said the 3-point lines on the court used in Portland for the women's basketball regionals was about nine inches short of regulation at the top of the key.

Century Old Meat Producer Goes Bankrupt After 'Temperature Abuse' - @34:53

Earlier this month, Freirich Foods filed for bankruptcy protection after 1.2 million pounds of corned beef went bad at a partner's cold storage facility.

Key Bridge Collapse Was 'Infrastructure System Failure' - @45:29

Ships are getting too big.

In Case You Missed It

Can Human 'Coldscreen' Prevent Frostbite? - @57:19

Ginkgo Bioworks and its partners are developing novel materials that leverage biological adaptations to cold environments. The applications are many, from a lens coating that prevents frost from forming on high-altitude instruments to a reverse sunscreen, like a topical frostbite prevention product.

Half of This New Plastic Bike Is Made of Recycled Waste - @1:03:02

The groundbreaking bike from igus is now in production.

High-Tech Pitching Machine Mimics Every Pitcher - @1:08:53

This 8-foot-high, 1,200-pound robot spit out fastballs, cutters and sweepers just like the pros.

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