Security Breach: Turning Up the Cat & Mouse Game

Staying ahead of hackers as they look to infiltrate every new connection point.

The balancing act continues when it comes to industrial cybersecurity, with the focus of many organizations split between focusing on known internal weaknesses or harnessing a better understanding of the external black hat organizations wanting to shut them down, steal data or extort payments.

One stat that helps demonstrate this dynamic comes from the IBM Security X Force Threat Intelligence Index, which shows a 94 percent reduction in the average time for the deployment of ransomware attacks. What took attackers over two months in 2019, now takes less than four days. Another example comes from Open Text’s 2023 Cybersecurity Threat Report that took a closer look at the notorious LockBit group. Not only have they dropped more malware than any other in the last year, but they’ve begun to implement triple-extortion tactics.

Joining us to discuss these and other topics related to threat intelligence and how to prioritize it, is Jonathan Tomek, VP of Research and Development at Digital Element, and co-founder of THOTCON, a hacking and security conference hosted in Chicago each spring.

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