U.S. Flying Taxi Strategy Takes Off

The U.S. is creating a plan for eVTOLs.

The Department of Transportation released a request for information regarding a national strategy on advanced air mobility (AAM). 

In the notice, DOT announced it formed a team that includes the FAA, the FCC, NASA and TSA.

DOT and the agencies welcome feedback from the public and stakeholders regarding the AAM strategy. 

The team will address AAM aircraft with electric and hybrid-electric propulsion with vertical or short takeoff and landing capabilities.

The team wants to explore an automation strategy, security requirements, infrastructure development and community roles.

Other areas of interest include use cases, safety enhancements, supply chain, environmental impacts, and workforce development.

Reuters reported that the FAA does not expect eVTOL commercial operations to begin until 2024 or 2025.

In 2022, the FAA issued the airworthiness criteria for eVTOL companies Joby Aviation and Archer Aviation.

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