Auto Brands Offer Cash to Waitlisted Buyers as Orders Go Unfilled

One automaker is offering waiting customers $2,500 to cancel their orders.

Two major auto brands are having trouble fulfilling certain orders and it appears they’re throwing money at the problem.

High-demand Ford and Lincoln models are reportedly in such short supply that customers with orders on the books are being asked to change course.

Lincoln is offering a $5,000 credit for buyers with unfilled new orders for its 2022 Navigator.

The money is an incentive for them to switch their order to the 2023 Navigator – which features a slightly higher price and delivery charge and will require more waiting.

Ford is taking the issue even further with some high-demand trims of its Ford Bronco.

The automaker is now offering waiting customers $2,500 to cancel their orders and buy something else.

The money would take the form of discounts for different trims of Bronco, or even for other Ford models altogether.

At issue are what Ford calls “constrained commodities,” which include the Bronco’s MIC hardtop feature and components featured in the Lux and Sasquatch trim packages.

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