A Job Board for the CNC Machining Industry

The goal is a streamlined way of connecting CNC jobs seekers with employers.

Hire Cnc

hireCNC, Inc. recently launched its job board, connecting CNC jobs seekers with employers. Applicants (CNC machinists) can use the platform to see who is hiring and for what positions. Employers (machine shops) can enjoy a job board whose audience is completely dedicated to CNC machining.

“hireCNC was founded with the mission of better connecting CNC trades people with employers.” Said Jon House, CEO and Co-Founder of hireCNC. “Machine shops everywhere are constantly struggling to recruit, hire, and then retain skilled labor. When hiring on non-industry specific job boards, significant time can be wasted sifting through resumes with no relevant experience in CNC machining. With hireCNC we are removing the fluff and providing a more niche and quality experience for both the applicant and the employer.”

hireCNC is focused on CNC related jobs in the U.S. and Canadian markets, and upon launch there were approximately 8,700 jobs on the site. Visit hireCNC to see more.

Are you an employer? Check out www.hirecnc.com/employer

Are you an applicant (active or passive)? Check out www.hirecnc.com/applicant

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