Security Breach: Industry Gets a D+ Cybersecurity Grade

But the good news is that the white hats are catching up.

As the world of cybersecurity continues to spawn new threats and present the industrial sector with increasingly complex prevention, detection and response needs, we’re seeing similar advancements on the white hat side of things. In an effort to combat the tactics of hackers and ransomware scammers, technology providers are stepping up with new tools and strategies. An example is Automated Control Concepts, and their AiRAID OT Cybersecurity Device.

AiRAID is described as a cyber-physical security device designed specifically for industrial OT systems. The self-contained unit utilizes AI-fueled threat detection techniques to continuously monitor the operating environment for abnormal behavior. It also uses a series of decoys and lures to mislead attackers in ways that allow them to be identified. In turn, the enterprise under attack can respond appropriately. 

I was able to catch up with Daniel Ward, Director of Cybersecurity and IIoT at the Rockwell Automation Fair last November. In addition to taking about AiRAID, we discussed some of the biggest trends impacting industrial cybersecurity and why Daniel feels the industrial sector’s state of cyber defense would pull a D+ grade.

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