Bantam Tools Turnkey Solutions

Bantam Tools

Bantam Tools (Peekskill, NY) launched Bantam Tools Turnkey Solutions. This CNC service gives designers, engineers and entrepreneurs a process to turn designs into physical parts.

Bantam Tools engineers will develop a process for machining parts using the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine, then provide the know-how directly to customers, so they can then make those parts on their own.

The service gives designers, engineers and companies a shortcut for figuring out a process to mill on a CNC machine. Depending on the parts a client needs, Bantam Tools will deliver items, such as: 

  • Work instructions for how to set up and run a job.
  • Fusion 360 file with vetted CAD model and CAM toolpaths.
  • .BTP file that saves the job setup in the Bantam Tools software.
  • G-code files that were exported from the Fusion 360 file.
  • Custom fixturing (either designs or fabricated).
  • The finished part(s).
  • A list of suggested machine tooling and accessories used to mill the part.

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