Filterfans Series Offer Solution for Thermal Management of Electrical Enclosures

A solution for keeping cabinets cool and protecting machines.

Pfannenberg, Inc.

Pfannenberg, Inc. (Lancaster, NY) highlighted its series of Filterfans.

Ideal for a range of industry applications, Pfannenberg’s Filterfans are a solution to circulate and cool air in cabinets through forced convective cooling.

Applications include:

  • Cooling compressed air systems used in production line process
  • Thermal management of electrical enclosures in situations where ambient temperature is always lower than temperature required in electrical enclosure
  • Clean, non-hazardous environments with acceptable ambient temperature range outside enclosure 

Features of products within Pfannenberg's Filterfans series:

  • Outdoor weather resistance
  • Installation on top of enclosures
  • Protection against electromagnetic interference
  • Ability to be externally mounted on IT equipment on factory floor

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