DDoS Attacks - (Part II): Preparation is Prevention

Distributed Denial of Service and ransomware attackers present worthy, but defeatable enemies.

The industrial sector knows all too well about the need to innovate product offerings and production strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, the same can be said for cyber criminals looking to either steal information or hold your data, manufacturing capabilities, or intellectual property for ransom. 

Just as you continue to develop new strategies to respond to hacks and protect you digital presence, these bad actors are continuing to update and enhance their schemes in order to improve the success rate of their attacks. 

In an effort to help counter these bad actors and stay a step ahead, NETSCOUT Systems recently unveiled their bi-annual Threat Intelligence Report. It offers insight on the continued threats presented by Distributed Denial of Service and ransomware attacks. 

To help walk us through the report and offer additional insight on some of the new tactics being utilized to carry out these legacy cybersecurity attacks is NETSCOUT’s Threat Intelligence Lead, Richard Hummel.

For more information on the work NETSCOUT does, you can go to netscout.com. And to get a look at their recent report, you can go to https://www.netscout.com/threatreport

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