Hyundai Heavy Industries Group to Present 'Ocean Transformation' Plans

The company will present its vision at CES 2023.

A bird's eye view of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group's booth at CES 2023.
A bird's eye view of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group's booth at CES 2023.
Hyundai Heavy Industries Group

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, the world's largest shipbuilding and heavy industries conglomerate, announced that it will participate in the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition CES 2023 to present the company's vision on transforming ocean for a sustainable future. 

At CES 2023, HHI Group plans to present its 'Ocean Transformation' strategies that aim to fundamentally change the way ocean can be utilized and exploring the infinite potential of the marine ecosystem.

Sized at 595-square-meter, HHI Group's booth at CES 2023 is divided into four pillars. Themes of the pillars include:

  • Ocean Mobility: It will show a safer and more economical future ship based on unmanned and remote digital solutions. Using large replicas that model future ships, energy-saving technologies and eco-friendly low-carbon fuel propelling technologies will be displayed and the company's blueprint for future ships will also be presented.
  • OceanWise: It plans to unveil a marine data platform to optimize global maritime transport networks, such as a smart ship solution that combines all marine data from ships, shipping companies and ports to provide optimal routes.
  • Ocean Life: Expanding marine leisure experiences beyond autonomous navigation, it introduces solutions that expand living space to the sea through technology that enhances safety and convenience.
  • Ocean Energy: It shows the vision of a sustainable energy ecosystem ranging from marine energy production, transportation and utilization based on technologies such as marine floater and next-generation energy propulsion technologies of HHI Group.

"For sustainable future growth, it is necessary to realize the infinite potential of the ocean, a valuable resource of mankind," said a representative of HHI Group. "By participating in CES 2023, we will open a new era based on the company's 50 years of industry expertise and our advanced innovation."

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