World's Largest Tonnage and Highest Lift Wheeled Crane Completes Its First Lift

The crane lifted a series of components, including a 130-ton wind turbine nacelle.

With Capability Hoist 230 Tons A Height 162 Meters Xca4000

In a recent operation at a 200 MW wind farm in Jing County, Hengshui, China, the XCA4000 crane, delivered by XCMG, successfully completed its first lift. The crane lifted a series of components, including a 130-ton wind turbine nacelle, a 40-ton wheel hub, and three 95-meter-long blades weighing 28 tons each, to a height of 162 meters for assembly on the tower. This accomplishment signifies the seventh time XCMG has outdone its own world record since 2010.

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The XCA4000 wheeled crane has been delivered to Hebei Rongcheng Technology, boasting an unprecedented 4000-ton lifting capacity, making it the ideal solution for the installation of wind turbines exceeding 10MW. With the capability to hoist 230 tons at a height of 170 meters, the XCA4000 sets a new benchmark for the highest and heaviest lifting capacity among wheeled cranes. This milestone is particularly significant as global wind power equipment manufacturing trends towards larger and heavier models, necessitating lifting and installation equipment that offers higher lifting capacities, greater lifting heights, and enhanced safety technology.

XCMG's commitment to innovation is evident in the XCA4000's advanced features, including high-performance flexible boom technology, which addresses common challenges such as reduced lifting performance at high altitudes and limited space beneath turbine lifting hooks. This technology enables a 20-30% reduction in the time required to install a wind turbine, significantly enhancing efficiency in wind power construction projects.

Safety remains a top priority for XCMG, especially regarding the crane and hoisting equipment. The XCA4000 is equipped with a self-developed control system and active safety technology with more than a dozen sensors distributed on the boom, is able to detect and eliminate potential safety hazards in real-time, ensuring the highest level of safety during construction.

The XCA4000's capabilities are further complemented by its ability to transport heavy components, such as the main boom and outrigger, weighing up to 400 tons, and its gradeability of 16%, which enhances its effectiveness in heavy-load transfer.

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