ArcBest Launches Vaux Smart Autonomy

Combining AMR forklifts and reach trucks, intelligent software and remote teleoperation capabilities.

Vaux Smart Autonomy3

ArcBest, an integrated logistics company, announced Vaux Smart Autonomy. The offering combines autonomous mobile robot (AMR) forklifts and reach trucks, intelligent software and remote teleoperation capabilities to autonomously handle materials movement within warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, all while keeping humans in the loop.

“Our commitment to innovation and ongoing investments in technology continue to drive ArcBest’s profitable growth and our customers’ success,” said Judy R. McReynolds, ArcBest chairman, president and CEO. “As supply chains become increasingly complex, we are introducing transformational innovations to the market that help our customers achieve their financial and operational objectives. Vaux Smart Autonomy will revolutionize material handling for customers, helping to optimize and unlock greater efficiencies in their warehouses, distribution centers and the overall supply chain.” 

Vaux Smart Autonomy

The AMR forklift and reach truck fleet can operate in autonomous, remote or manual modes. Equipped with advanced software, sensors and cameras, they can safely navigate a warehouse, detect and identify pallets and racking systems and perform tasks such as loading and unloading, moving goods and stacking pallets.

Additional capabilities include advanced dimensioning and 2D barcoding functionality. A teleoperator center complements the autonomous vehicles by remotely monitoring many autonomous robots simultaneously and stepping in to operate remotely when the autonomy needs human assistance.

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Built to Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Vaux Smart Autonomy builds on the launch of ArcBest’s innovative suite of hardware and software, the Vaux Freight Movement System. While the Vaux Freight Movement System and Vaux Smart Autonomy can operate independently, when used together they offer synergies that make supply chains even more efficient.

With the Vaux Freight Movement System, a mobile platform can be pulled off a trailer at the dock in one movement, allowing an entire trailer to be completely unloaded in under five minutes. Once the Vaux mobile platform is off the trailer and on the dock, Vaux Smart Autonomy forklifts and reach trucks can access all four sides to complete the material handling processes autonomously.   

ArcBest is piloting Vaux with customers across various industries, including manufacturing, automotive and retail, many of them Fortune 500 companies.

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