Increase Efficiency and Service Life in CVD Process Control

Kaman Sized

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc. (Middletown, CT) announces the release of its new upgraded ParallelPro leveling tool, designed for use in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) processes. Wireless communications and a field-serviceable battery pack make ParallelPro the most flexible and cost-effective product of its kind on the market.

Designed initially for leveling in CVD processes but useful for process control in any equipment requiring precise parallelism, the ParallelPro measures offset distance, parallelism, and temperature. Measurements are transmitted via Bluetooth to any tablet running a dedicated app, which also gives users the ability to save and analyze calibration data. The user-friendly graphic interface also allows users to customize display units and calibration parameters.

The ParallelPro is an upgraded version of Kaman’s proven leveling tool legacy design, incorporating modern communications, signal processing, and power management technologies to increase functionality and extend product service life.

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