Durable Electronic Cutters

Techni-Tool (Worcester, PA) announces the Tec-Cut Infinity Elite fine electronics pliers and cutters. The six new micro-cutter models can cut electronic wires from 18 to 20 AWG, and have a micro-sized head for fitting into tight spaces. Cutter heads are available in oval and tapered styles, with a choice of semi-flush, flush, and full-flush cuts. According to the company, the blades maintain their integrity even after 20,000 cuts on the same blade spot. A 2-component fully-dissipative handle combines a soft surface for gripping and a hard plastic core for strength. In addition, stainless steel dual-leaf springs and matched bearing rings minimize metal-to-metal contact.

For more information on the Tec-Cut Infinity Elite line of cutters, visit www.techni-tool.com.

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