Lockring Bushings Get Accurate

ETP Shaft locking bushings from Zero-Max (Plymouth, MN) produce accurate and concentric mounting compared to mechanical shaft locking bushings. In addition, the ETP bushings incorporate a double-walled sleeve that encapsulates a pressure medium, and are ideal where repeated mounting and dismantling of components is required. The bushings come in various models, such as the ETP Classic and ETP Express. Features include:

  • A single actuation screw on the ETP Express that makes it easy to mount components accurately.
  • Flange-mounted actuation screws on the ETC Classic.
  • The ability to handle torque ranges from 40 to 11,413 ft/lbs. (ETP Classic), or 40 to 6,400 ft/lbs. (ETP Express).
  • An operating temperature range of -22° to 180°F.

Head on over to www.zero-max.com to get more information.

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