Go On A 'Star Teck'

Thomas & Betts (Memphis, TN) has developed the Star Teck Extreme Director Cable Fitting, which is an adjustable, range-taking fitting, used to terminate metal-clad and Teck cable. The tool easily adjusts from 90 to 180 degrees, allowing for faster, more cost-efficient installation. A full circular bore provides for easy cable insertion, and alignment guides serve as reference points for ensuring that fittings are installed at the same angle. Other benefits include:

  • A compression nut for adjusting hub position that is blue-colored for better visibility.
  • An elastomeric collar ring and cone-shaped bushing for a watertight seal and insulation grip.
  • A stainless steel grounding ring with dual sets of grounding devices for a 360°, long-term, dependable grounding.

Check out www.tnb.com to learn more.

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