19-Series Steel Storage Cabinet Line Expanded

Akro-Mils (Akron, OH) announces the expansion of its line of heavy-duty 19-Series Steel Storage Cabinets to include five drawer colors—black, blue, gray, red, and yellow. Ideal for storing, consolidating, and organizing small parts, these cabinets are available in six models and feature a heavy-duty welded steel frame. They have a chip-proof, durable powder-coated finish, built-in nesting feet for stable stacking, and four keyhole slots for wall mounting. The 19109 cabinet has a locking door for added security. The removable polystyrene drawers are rust, corrosion, and dent-proof. They can be divided into as many as eight compartments with dovetailed dividers for customized storage and each drawer has a rear stop tab to prevent spills.

To see more, visit www.akro-mills.com.

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