Rust-Inhibiting Lubricant

Fluoramics Inc. (Mahwah, NJ) has developed a rust-inhibiting lubricant that is solvent free, non-aerosol based, and odor free. HinderRUST is a multi-use product, which will benefit any industry using machinery and tools, extending the life of valuable equipment by keeping it moving and rust-free. HinderRUST is also perfect in the fight against salt-water corrosion. Applying the product on parts or tools when they are new will stop corrosion before it begins. As a lubricant, HinderRUST uses the technology from Tufoil to keep everything moving smoothly. This product is easy-to-apply and available in a variety of sizes, including a 4 ounce can, 8 ounce spray bottle, 1 gallon jug, and 55-gallon drum.

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