Dry Block Calibrator

The affordable NEW TCS 650 from E Instruments International (Langhorne, PA) is an accurate and portable dry block calibrator. It is designed to verify and calibrate sensors, thermometers, and process transmitters both in the field and in the laboratory. The TCS 650 includes:

  • Temperature range from 35 to 650 degrees C
  • Radial uniformity of ±0.02 degrees C
  • Heating speed of 50 to 600 degrees C in 30 minutes
  • Cooling speed of 600 to 150 degrees C in 30 minutes
  • Stabilization time of 10 minutes
  • An optional Black Body insert for IR Pyrometers
  • A NIST Calibration Certificate is included with every unit

For more information, go to www.E-Inst.com.

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