Safer Cleaning

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_original","fid":"156409","attributes":{"alt":"Techspray","class":"media-image","height":"300","style":"float: right; margin-left: 25px; margin-right: 25px;","title":"Techspray","typeof":"foaf:Image","width":"279"}}]]Industrial cleaners continue to be a focus of concern as new research comes to light. Trichloroethylene, n-Propyl Bromide, and Perchloroethylene are three examples of harmful chemicals that are commonly used as industrial aerosol cleaners. Every organization using hazardous chemicals within their facility has the responsibility to equip their personnel to maintain exposure levels below the Threshold Limit Value, and Techspray (Amarillo, TX) is able to offer safer alternatives under the brands G3 and Ecoline. Techspray’s G3 and Ecoline maintenance cleaners have TLV above 400 parts per million. These higher limits give employers the opportunity to improve working conditions in their facility without sacrificing product performance.

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