Power Swap System

Power Swap SystemThe new Power Swap System from Newcastle Systems (Middleton, MA) enables the company’s NB Series Mobile Powered Workstations to operate 24 hours a day with no break for recharging, says the company. To run computers, printers, scales, testers, barcode scanners, and other electronic hardware, these maneuvered workstations provide AC power without the hassles of extension cords or ceiling drops. The new power units are on swivel casters, and their connectors mate easily with the workstation’s ports. Housed in sealed, fully ventilated steel cabinets (16 x 16 x 12 inches) with built-in handles and cord holders, the new power units each include a UL- and CSA-approved inverter/charger package and a digital remote meter with a color-coded LED display that provides battery status and an audible low-voltage alert.

Check it out at www.newcastlesys.com.

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