Low Temperature Lubricant

Low Temperature LubricantSprayon® Products (Cleveland, OH) has introduced the LU™214 Food Grade Low Temperature Lubricant as part of its expanded line of NSF® H1-Rated Food Grade Lubricants. Sprayon® LU™214 Food Grade Low Temperature Lubricant is a multi-service lubricant for extended service under extremely low temperature conditions (as low as -78 degrees F). Its blend of pure synthetic oils are treated with the most effective extreme pressure, corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidant, anti-foam, and anti-wear additives, says the company. This unique combination provides maximum equipment protection in extremely low temperature applications. Features include:

  • NSF® H1-Rated (Registration #145775)
  • High load capacity
  • Superior rust and corrosion prevention
  • Non-staining

For a free sample, go to www.sprayon.com.

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