Allied Electronics & Automation Offers Extensive and Ever-Expanding Portfolio of Facilities Maintenance Solutions

Allied’s facilities maintenance portfolio currently includes more than 38,000 products from more than 190 trusted global suppliers.


Allied Electronics & Automation offers an extensive portfolio of facilities maintenance solutions ideally suited for work environments spanning from industrial manufacturing facilities and warehouses to corporate offices and retail outlets.

Allied’s ever-expanding portfolio features a vast selection of facilities maintenance products designed to help customers operate at maximum efficiency, maintain their competitive advantage, prolong the life of their equipment, avoid costly unplanned downtime and keep their facilities clean and their personnel safe.

Allied currently offers more than 38,000 facilities maintenance products from more than 190 trusted suppliers. Solutions ideally suited for both commercial and industrial operations range from cleaning products and janitorial supplies â€” including disinfectants and sanitizers that eliminate bacteria and viruses and paper products and dispensers including paper towels, tissues and disinfectant wipes — to personal protective equipment (PPE) including first aid kitsface masks and face shields and facility security solutions including key fobs, occupancy sensors, and security cameras, monitors, mounts and mirrors.

Solutions designed for use in manufacturing and warehouse facilities include lubricants, greases and oils designed to protect equipment from corrosion and wear and prolong equipment lifespans, industrial strength cleaners and degreasers, an extensive array of hand and power tools, specialized facility security equipment including safety switches, door control systems and programmable keypads, and industrial PPE including gloves and other protective clothingrespiratorssafety glasses and protective eyewear and safety signage.

Suppliers represented in Allied’s facilities maintenance product portfolio include Kimberly-Clark Professional, which offers a world-class line of trusted brands and innovative products in addition to industry-leading expertise and a commitment to environmental sustainability, as well as 3MGuardian EquipmentBradyDYKEMITW ChemtronicsLPSProtective Industrial ProductsRS Pro by AlliedSCRUBSSpray NineMakitaKlein ToolsWera Tools and Wiha Tools.

RS Pro by Allied, Allied’s private label brand, is made with quality- and cost-conscious customers in mind and designed to deliver peak performance at an exceptional value. The RS Pro by Allied line currently offers more than total 50,000 products designed for various electronics and automation applications and includes roughly 7,500 facilities maintenance products ranging from cleaning suppliesPPE and facility security solutions to tools and test and measurement equipment

All RS Pro by Allied products are rigorously tested, compliant with all relevant international standards and backed by the RS Pro Seal of Approval, which is only awarded after a rigorous quality control process based on stringent international standards. In addition, most RS Pro by Allied products come with a three-year standard warranty.

“Every work environment requires some level of ongoing maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operations, so offering a wide range of cleaning and maintenance solutions in addition to our vast selection of electronic and automation products allows us to provide customers with a one-stop-shop experience sure to satisfy their industrial and commercial application needs while saving them time and likely money as well," said Marie Dawson, product director at Allied Electronics & Automation.

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