Keeping Your Industrial Machinery In Great Condition

Workplace cleanliness is vital.

It's no secret that industrial machinery is pretty pricey, and the actual cost of machining accidents can often have a business shut its doors. While industrial machine accidents can lead to costly lawsuits, expensive machine repairs, or even total replacements, the most practical way to avoid accidents is to ensure your machines are always in excellent condition.

Furthermore, it is also essential to ensure all your employees that work with your industrial machines are properly trained. Suitable training is often enough to reduce workplace accidents substantially. And when it comes to keeping your heavy machines in excellent condition to ensure breakdowns and mishaps are not caused by maintenance neglect, we've listed some practical and vital tips for you.

Create A Maintenance Plan

Instead of waiting for machine parts to break or for the machine to simply stop working altogether, you should create a maintenance plan that will keep you up to date with vital maintenance.

In your maintenance plan, you should prioritize the regularity of maintenance and choose a service provider that is well-versed in maintaining the specific types of industrial machines you have, as all industrial machines are not the same.

Furthermore, your maintenance plan should also include routine cleaning efforts. However, this element of maintenance can be carried out by your employees, and it's best to be done weekly, or better yet, every couple of days.

Replacing Parts

In some cases, you can replace certain parts of industrial machines, resulting in a more durable and functional machine. Rock West recommended carbon tubing, as carbon tubing is often used in various kinds of industrial machines. Switching tubing for carbon alternatives will enhance machine durability, and it will likely function smoother in general due to the switch of parts.

That said, before replacing parts, it's best to consult a professional service to determine which parts you can have replaced with more durable materials and how to do so safely.

Repair Details

It's never best to wait until an industrial machine breaks to the point that it can no longer work at all; this can result in lengthy downtime for a business. The costs of downtime can be immense when considering the potential of lost business.

Instead, it is best to have your machines repaired at the first sign of an issue. In many cases, you can avoid most repairs with routine maintenance.


Choosing a maintenance service that provides routine machine inspections is an excellent choice. Instead of wondering what condition your machines are in, an inspection will keep you up to date with details such as which parts might be wearing down, which parts might need to be replaced, and which might need repairs.

Inspections are the best way to get a transparent view of the condition of all your machines. And the decision to conduct inspections once a month is more than often enough for industrial machines.

Keeping Machines Clean

Keeping machines clean is undeniably vital. Although, you have a few different cleaning options to consider. In some cases, you can consider pressure washing services to have your machines cleaned of all debris gunk and oil build-up. In other cases, cleaning might have to be a bit more hands-on.

In addition to cleaning, your machines must also be oiled often with the correct oil. Lack of oil can damage heavy machines and lead to costly repairs that could have easily been avoided.

Making Your Workshop A Safer Place

As mentioned, machine accidents can be pretty costly for both your business and employees. And in all cases, it's best to take measures to ensure your workshop is always ideally safe for all your employees.

First, you should implement workshop safety rules, including training, wearing protective gear, knowing emergency exits, reporting damages, and several others.

Next, another practical way to keep your workshop safe is to ensure that the environment is always clean and well organized. To Keep your workshop clean, you can consider employing cleaning staff or delegating tasks amongst your existing employees. However, even if you opt for a cleaning service, your employees should still be tasked with keeping their immediate workspaces clean and organized.

Workplace cleanliness is vital whether you run a workshop with heavy machinery or quiet office space. Cleanliness and organization will have your employees working efficiently, enhance the environment mood, and even boost productivity. So, there's genuinely no reason not to prioritize organization and cleanliness while you are brushing up on heavy machinery maintenance to benefit your business.

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