Self-Cleaning Services Bring Together ISSA Distributors, Manufacturers & BSC

See how self-cleaning surfaces are bringing together multiple companies across the JanSan, healthcare, education, travel/hospitality and food service industries.

FOREST, VA — With the latest self-cleaning surfaces being adopted by a variety of industries including JanSan, healthcare, education, travel/hospitality and food service, multiple companies are coming together to distribute, install and maintain these products.

"The interesting thing about this new service model is that consumers were actually driving the development of this approach," says Mark Sisson, co-founder of NanoTouch Materials. "Consumers who had seen NanoSeptic surfaces in one facility were then asking their school system, doctor's office, and employer to install these surfaces because it made them feel more confident about the cleanliness of these facilities. Unfortunately, there wasn't an organized way to deliver and maintain these surfaces, until now."

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, helped facilitate this system since all three parties are ISSA members. Hathaway Paper, an ISSA member and a NanoSeptic distributor, was providing self-cleaning surface products to a variety of customers, including Central Virginia Family Physicians' 10 healthcare facilities.

"While the customer was getting very positive feedback from patients who felt the facility was cleaner after seeing the NanoSeptic touch points go up, no one was being tasked with replacing the surfaces every 90 days," says Kathy Fisher at Hathaway Paper. "Bringing a BSC into the sales cycle was a logical next step."

Unlike distributors, BSCs (building service contractors), which handle janitorial and maintenance services, are already providing services in these facilities on a regular basis. Commercial cleaning firms were the perfect fit as value-added resellers who could regularly inspect and replace these facility touch points.

"In some ways we're a lot like JanSan distributors, in that our industry is highly commoditized," says Randy Layne, owner of Sparkleen Services. "Commercial janitorial firms have the added challenge of providing a service that is largely invisible. With NanoSeptic self-cleaning facility touch points, we now have a great differentiator, a new revenue stream, and most importantly, a publicly visible element of our service offering."

While the distributor and BSC benefit from selling and servicing these products, the customer sees the greatest reward.

"Our patients love the NanoSeptic touch points and other self-cleaning products in our facility," says Lauren Bennett, Director of Communications and Experience with Central VA Family Physicians. "Now we can have these products professionally maintained and replaced for as little as $1 per day per facility. That's an amazingly low price to pay for the peace of mind this service provides for our patients and staff."

While ISSA, like many industry associations, provides valuable market information for their members, in this case the association provided a pool of professional companies that can work together to deliver this new innovation to multiple industries.

"When we realized an organized service model would help provide better service to our end customers, we knew exactly where to look for partners," says Dennis Hackemeyer, co-founder of NanoTouch Materials. "We had already started a relationship with an ISSA-member distributor, so we went to the ISSA site and found a list of BSCs who were CIMS certified. Without ISSA, finding a reputable BSC to refer to our customer would have been much more difficult."

"NanoTouch Materials, with their self-cleaning surfaces and the service model they've developed, are a great example of the type of businesses that will be featured in this year's Innovation Showcase during the ISSA INTERCLEAN North America tradeshow,October 25-28, in Chicago," says Lisa Veeck, director of media and publications for ISSA.

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